Frequently Asked Questions - Website Solutions - SiteSmart by Yellow Pages


How do I publish my new site live?

You will receive a welcome email from us – Welcome to your Yellow Pages® SiteSmart™ website – once your website order has been processed. Please follow the instructions in this email and log on to your new website with the username and password provided.

You will be asked to read and accept the SiteSmart™ terms and conditions of use, as well as to review your website. You can instantly make any necessary changes to your website. If you’re happy with the content, simply click on the ‘Publish’ button. Confirm by also clicking “Publish my website” to set your site live across the Internet.

*Important* - Please note that you have 14 days to approve and publish the content on your site (from the date we send you the email). If you don’t approve your site in this time, it will automatically go live shortly after this 14 day period.


Are there any additional costs for registering a domain name?

The cost of a domain name, whether purchased through SiteSmart™ or renewed through SiteSmart™, is included in the monthly fee.

Can I purchase additional domains through SiteSmart™?

No, SiteSmart™ advertisers can register one domain only through us.

If I find a suitable domain name, do I need to register it?

No. The SiteSmart™ team will register the domain name for you. This way you will not have to separately pay the registration fee as it will be included in the monthly SiteSmart™ fee.

What if I have a domain name but no live site?

Option 1 – Transfer your domain to be managed by SiteSmart™ for $108.90 incl. GST We can arrange the transfer of your domain from your existing domain registrar to our registrar for this small one-off fee, which means no more annual domain hosting fees from your current domain registrar. Importantly, you will only deal with SiteSmart™ for both your domain and website needs.

I’ve purchased a Domain Transfer, what happens now?

  1. We send you a ‘Domain Transfer Instruction’ email.
  2. Simply forward this email on to your current domain registrar (e.g. Crazy Domains, Melbourne IT) and request a domain transfer to SiteSmart™.
  3. Your domain registrar will send you a domain ownership code called an EPP token.
  4. Forward the EPP token to us straight away at
  5. You will be sent an email from an ‘OpenSRS’ account containing a transfer confirmation link – is it vital to click on this link and enter your EPP token.
  6. Domain transfer is complete!

Option 2 – Redirect your domain name to your SiteSmart™ website By redirecting, you keep the domain name hosted with your current domain registrar. Redirecting your domain is usually a free service; however you will continue to be charged hosting fees by your current domain registrar.

I’ve asked for a Domain Redirect, what happens now?

  1. We send you a ‘Domain Redirect Instruction’ email
  2. Simply forward this email on to your current domain registrar (e.g. Crazy Domains, Melbourne IT) and request a domain redirect using the IP details in the email
  3. Your domain registrar will send you confirmation once the redirect has been completed.

In both cases you will retain ownership of the domain name. Please note however that if your domain name is hosted by us and you cancel your SiteSmart™ website, we may charge a fee for arranging the transfer of your domain name out of our service to your new domain registrar.

I’ve forgotten who I registered my domain name with, how do I find out?

You can look up your domain registrar details on

I already have an existing website and domain which I am transferring to SiteSmart™. Does the domain transfer fee include moving the content of my current website across to my new SiteSmart™ site?

No, the transfer of content is not covered under the domain transfer fee. We can either transfer the content on your behalf for an additional fee or you can do it yourself by logging into the Website Editing Platform at . Content can be copied and pasted (e.g. text) or uploaded (e.g. logos, images) into the Website Editing Platform.


Can I have an email address that contains my domain name?

Yes. You can have email addresses that correspond to your domain name. For example my domain name is, can I have an email address

Is there a limit on the number of email addresses I can have as part of my SiteSmart™account?

Yes. You can have one email account for SiteSmart™ Starter and up to five email accounts for SiteSmart™ Plus.

For each email account, you can have an unlimited number of “aliases” e.g.,, that all direct email into that account mailbox at no extra cost.

How do I set up my email accounts on my different devices (PC, smart phone, tablet) and on Outlook etc?

Please call our dedicated SiteSmart™ web specialist team free on 1800 460 851 and they will talk you through the process.

Where do I log in to my SiteSmart webmail account? .

Click on the above link and enter your webmail username and password that was sent to you in your ‘Email Account Activated’ confirmation. If you’ve lost this email, please contact the SiteSmart™ web specialist team on 1800 460 851 or email


What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving traffic to a website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results. The higher your website ranks in organic search results (unpaid), the more likely people will visit your site and contact you.

Will my customers or prospective customers be able to find my website when searching for it on the Internet?

Your SiteSmart™ website has been designed following international SEO guidelines to give you the best chance of getting found on the Internet by search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!7.

On average, it takes between four to six weeks for search engines to find and index a new website – this is true for all websites (both desktop and mobile), no matter which website provider you choose.

How is my SiteSmart™ website or mobile website SEO optimised?

Your SiteSmart™ website contains SEO friendly web copy with relevant keywords for your business, structured HTML 5 code and, importantly, SEO page texts that allow search engines to read and understand your site behind the scenes.

SiteSmart™ website copy is highly optimised for search engines. Each page contains a main keyword (in bold) and a main location (in bold) which are consistent across the whole site. Advanced SEO texts including page URI, page title, page description and keyword meta-tags accurately describe the purpose and quality of each page to a search engine.

As search engines cannot ‘see’ images, SiteSmart™ images include alt tags or image keywords that exactly describe what the image is showing.

Sites that have regular content updates perform better than those that don’t. We encourage all SiteSmart™ customers to use our self service editor to make text changes at any time to accommodate fresh content.

Search engines ‘crawl’ or review your site every few weeks for content changes. We recommend using the easy to use SiteSmart™ self service editor to make text changes and add new content every fortnight.

If you are a SiteSmart™ Plus customer, take advantage of the ‘Special’ modules – why not add a YouTube video to your homepage or create a new page with an image gallery.

What should I do to improve my website’s ranking in search engines?

SEO is an ongoing process and we advise our SiteSmart™ customers to regularly update their site with new information. Also, we recommend contacting other related website owners and request to have your site URL link included on their site to drive more visitors.


I have a SiteSmart™ website and mobile website – if I make changes to my website, will they automatically flow through to my mobile website?

No. The website and mobile website self service editors as distinct so that any change you make to one, also needs to be updated on their other.

Is it at all possible to bring across content from my website to my mobile site?

It is possible to import the content from your website to your mobile site. This is most suitable if you are making substantial changes to your website which you would like to bring across to your mobile website,

You can do this in the MOBILE editor under Site Settings>Import Content from Website.

The page structure on the mobile site will be the same as on your website.

On each page all the modules will be placed in a row so it is easy to edit the pages in the best way for your mobile site.

Be aware that if you use this feature to update content on your mobile site, all existing content on your mobile site will be overwritten by the content from your website and cannot be restored!

I have an existing non-SiteSmart™ desktop site and have purchased SiteSmart™ Mobile. What do I have to do to ensure the mobile website goes live?

You will receive a 'redirect instruction email' from SiteSmart™. Forward the email to your current web developer and your domain name provider (if different).

The email states 'how to' instructions for the current providers to:

1. Set up a Domain Redirect to point your domain name servers to the SiteSmart™ Mobile site

2. *IMPORTANT* - Add a small piece of JavaScript code to your desktop site to allow ‘mobile device detection’ (this is a straightforward process for a website provider).

Both steps must be completed for a user to be redirected to the SiteSmart™ Mobile site when they click on a link to your URL in search engine search results or enter your URL directly into their mobile browser.

For SiteSmart™ Mobile, is the mobile website designed for viewing on tablets as well?

SiteSmart™ Mobile product is engineered for viewing on smartphones. Tablet users browsing a SiteSmart™ URL where a desktop site exists will be presented with the desktop version slightly resized to fit the tablet screen.


What does the template customisation service include?

“We create a highly personalised website to meet your business objectives”

Our customisation team will work closely with you to personalise your website and mobile website presence to meet your unique requirements.

SiteSmart™ template customisation service encompasses the following:

  • Design a top banner image to fit with your brand look and feel
  • Write bespoke, tailored web copy that is highly optimised for search enginges,
  • Source relevant stock images or use images provided by you, or a combination of both
  • Change the design of the website to one of our 100+ design skins and many layout formats available available with SiteSmart™ editor
  • Make use of special features and functionality available for use by the customisation team.


What is covered by the website management service?

Our affordable website management service provides you with access to our Australian based web specialist team which can make minor changes to your website on your behalf. This is a great service if you are pressed for time or if you’re not entirely confident making those changes yourself.

Minor changes include the following:

  • Changes to web copy using the copy provided by you
  • Changes to images using the images provided by you
  • Uploading your logo
  • Minor tweaks to font treatment
  • Change to an alternative design available on SiteSmart™
  • Embedding of links provided by you
  • Updates to Whereis® Maps widget to reflect address change
  • Adding one of the available SiteSmart™ features to your website and/or mobile website
  • All content is to be provided by you to the web specialist team via email.

The website management service does not cover:

  • Wholesale changes to the content on the site - we may temporarily suspend changes to your content if your content changes exceed 25% in any given month. We will tell you if this happens.
  • Content creation - all content must be provided by you. The service does not include copy writing, image creation and image or content sourcing (other than the standard copy type or images provided).
  • Template structure changes
  • Changes that require coding

If you purchase a SiteSmart™ website and SiteSmart™ Mobile website, the Website Management Service only needs to be purchased once (covers both products).


Do I need to pay for support?

No, support is free. Our dedicated SiteSmart™ web specialist team is here to answer your questions and provide guidance on how you can manage your own website effectively.

Call us on 1800 460 851 or email us at with your support query and we’ll reply within 48 hours.

What are your support hours?

Weekdays: 8am – 6pm

National Public Holidays: Closed

Support times are applicable for Australian Eastern Standard Time.


How is SiteSmart™ billed?

The SiteSmart™ website package and website management service are both charged monthly. The website customisation service is charged as a once off initial fee, as is the domain transfer.

How do I pay for my SiteSmart™ website?

We can either invoice you or direct debit your account.


What if I want to cancel my website?

You can cancel at any time giving 30 days prior written notice after your initial 6 month minimum contract term. Please contact your Yellow Pages sales representative to discuss or alternatively call Yellow Pages Customer Care on 13 23 78.

If I cancel my website, what can I take with me?

Your SiteSmart™ website comes complete with a designed template, industry specific copy (i.e. a description of your business and the services you provide) and images. You will be able to take with you any copy you have supplied yourself (i.e. either you have written yourself or you had written on your behalf) and any images or other content (e.g. documents, PDFs) you have uploaded to your SiteSmart™ website. You will not be able to take the template itself or the copy and images that came preloaded with your SiteSmart™ website. If your domain name is hosted with us, you will be able to take your domain name with you. A fee may apply if you require us to assist with transferring your domain to a new domain registrar.